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Posted: Friday, 22 June 2018


2019-2020 Rotary Theme

Changeover Night 2018

Wards Board

Introducing our Board for 2018-19.  Looking resplendent in his naval uniform is President Ward Hack.

The Changeover was held at the Moruya Golf Club with 70 people attending the night.  Outgoing President Mike Dent reported on his past year  which resulted in over $33,000 being donated within the local and international communites.  The hightlight of the year was the Drugs Forum which was held in April.  Through the passionate management of Alan Shepherd our club was able to purchase 7 ShelterBoxes and of course our local youth benefited during the year through MUNA, RYLA, RYPEN and YEP.  The night saw 2 members - Cletus Heffernan and Phil Smith become recepients of the Paul Harris Fellow and the Moruya Special Nippers receiving a cheque of $1,500 to purchase much needed equipment.  All in all it was a great night and we now look forward to Ward taking over the helm. 

President Ward & Lin 

President Ward & Lin