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Posted: Friday, 05 February 2010


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The Shephard ShelterBox Team

The Rotary Club of Moruya says thank you

The Rotary Club of Moruya has had staggering support from the community over the summer holidays according to President Rohan Gleeson. ShelterBox TeamMr Gleeson said the community should feel very proud of their achievements and the support given to enable the Rotary Club of Moruya to provide seven ShelterBox kits since July last year.

Since 2001, Rotary's ShelterBox programme has provided shelter, warmth and dignity following more than 80 disasters in over 50 countries, thereby assisting more than 800,000 people. The current crisis in Haiti has seen an unprecedented roll out of the green boxes to form hospitals as well as providing shelter and the basic necessities of life for some 30,000 people. As well as the substantial tent, each $1200 box contains tools, water purification equipment, bedding, cooking and eating utensils for up to ten people. The project offers hope and delivers dignity, Mr. Gleeson said.

Worldwide there are 1.2 million Rotarians in 33,000 clubs in 210 countries. Rotary is therefore uniquely placed to respond quickly and effectively to natural disasters.
Australians are all too aware of the impact of flood, fire and other natural disasters and will always dig deep to help their fellow man in a time of crisis. ShelterBox went into action after last year's Black Saturday's fires in Victoria, providing much needed temporary accommodation.

The Rotary Club of Moruya as been particularly active with a number of displays to demonstrate the ShelterBox solution during January and the busy tourist period. "We have set up the display at the Moruya Cup race meeting at Moruya Jockey Club, the Australia Day breakfast celebrations and at the Moruya Markets, the latter being particularly successful and raised in excess of $1500 for the mornings work." Mr Gleeson said, as he thanked the community for their donations to date. The project is ongoing. Donations over $2-00 are tax deductible and can be made through any Rotarian or through PO Box65, Moruya.