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Posted: Saturday, 19 December 2009


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Christmas Message

It is the Christmastime of year for family but alas it is not necessarily all joy throughout our community. We especially think of those with sickness issues at this time of the year and our Club has tried to put some joy back into the homes of 8 recipients of Christmas hampers which were created and distributed this last week. To Col, Bon, Pauline, Bill and a host of members behind the scenes I thank you one and all for your kindness and hard work in the preparation of this most worthwhile project. 

At our Christmas party on Wednesday 16th we finally handed over the keys to the 4 wheel scooter to Eurobodalla Nursing Service, a much needed mobility aid in our community that will be very prominent on our streets in its Moruya Rotary insignia. . The idea is that if we have members of the community who have had hip operations, are who have been injured or indeed need to assess the possible of such a unit, they can hire it for up to 6 weeks.

It was a great Christmas party with Santa arriving on the new scooter. Hedvig (inbound exchange student from Sweden) received her Christmas present from Santa as she embarks on what will be a very different Christmas in the ‘land down under’

There was a raffle to chase funds for another Shelter Box and lucky door prizes that came back from Nepal with Pauline.

Hedvig came in for a 2nd special mention with a birthday present in readiness for the 4th January.

PDG Mick Newling and Lori were special guests for the night and Mick took the opportunity to present a number of Centurion Certificates and pins to members who at 30th June, 2009 had donated $100 or more to the Rotary Foundation. Mick identified Moruya as the only Club in our District that has 100% voluntary member contribution to the Foundation. It is a process of the cashiers collecting $2 each week from members, this is individually recorded and submitted to the Foundation annually.