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Posted: Wednesday, 11 March 2009


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Welcome to the Moruya Rotary Rohan & PaulineClub's web site and yes for the record, we are the first in the District to complete this task.

As some of you are aware our son Philip is the District 9710 web master via his business Unique Intention which has been in operation for nearly 4 years.  It can boast some pretty impressive names as part of its client base like The National Press Club of Australia.  Unique Intention contracts to some major players in the graphical interface market such as Zanebono.  Current DG Phil Mewitt contracted Phil for the District Web site ( ) in early 2008 after the most successful completion of the District Youth Exchange site found at

Part of the development process for the main site was sub sites to allow all Clubs in the District to have their own web presence along with specialist services to the Clubs like attendance records, meeting information and programming and of course a gallery of the Club's activities over time.

It has been difficult for me to promote the product to our Club because of the direct interest within our family.

As I see the web site as a vital information tool for the incoming Club executive (yes, there are all sorts of communication tools associated with this product - it is not just a web site).  To this end I have decided to donate the site to the Club and pay its maintenance expenses for the next 12 months.

This web site is built with the very latest development tools and because of this, all of its content can be edited directly by the appropriate officers of our Club.  The Bulletin editors, for example, will have complete access and control over posting the bulletins on-line, adding photos to give the best possible profile of our Club to the wider community.  It should be an aid to our membership development and retention and over time will serve as an archive repository for past bulletins and the history of our Club.

The future development of the site will be in the hands of the incoming board and the Presidents' who will follow me also believe that the site will be a most fundamental part of our communication process.

This site is my gift to the Club as an expression of thanks for the opportunity to be President in 2009-10, it will be a great year for our Club and I sincerely encourage all members to participate in the development opportunities I have highlighted and for all members to contribute to this web site.

Yours in Rotary fellowship  ..  Rohan