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RAWCS Team - Nepal 2011

       Moruya Rotarians travel to Nepal  


In November 2011 a team of Rotary volunteers travelled to Nepal to help with the renovation of the Siphal Home in Kathmandu.  Moruya Rotarians Barry Apps, Rohan Gleeson & Team Leader Pauline Gleeson, along with Narooma Rotarian Charmaine White and non Rotarians Christine Spain, Shellee Williams & Steven Ubbergang made the long journey to help complete the RAWCS Project at the Siphal Childrens' Home.   

The project involved the renovation of unused rooms at the Siphal children's home in central Kathmandu.  These rooms will be used as volunteer accommodation and will help provide much needed funds for the home.  

RAWCS team - Rohan Gleeson, Christine Spain, Shellee Williams, Pauline Gleeson, Charmaine White & Barry Apps 

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