2019-2020 Rotary Theme

RAWCS Sexual Health Project - Mindanao Philippines

In February 2019 Shirl and John Hayes managers of the Moruya RAWCS Sexual Health Education Project by Pictures travelled to Mindanao in southern Philippines as part of the joint RAWCS, Mindanao Poverty Relief Action and Department of Education team to speak to students and teachers about sex education using visual aids.  The project was over 3 weeks and the team gave 3 hour lectures to over 3,000 students   Shirl was so inspired by the outcome that she and John will be travelling to the International Convention in Hamburg in June where they will have a stand in the House of Friendship.

Donations can be made towards this very worthwhile project which will see more visual aids produced -  https://directory.rawcs.com.au/69-2018-19 

Shirl & John with students - Say No is the slogan.

Enthusiastic male students

Shirl & John with the Mindanoa team outside a high security prison where the Sexual Health Project was held the following day